52 Hike Challenge

The 52 Hike Challenge is a challenge for people to get out into nature at least once a week, every week, for a year. In the name of fun, I decided to start recording all of the hikes I do here, along with a link to the trip report (if I got around to writing one).

Hikes I’ve done in 2015:

1 Jones Peak to Orchard Camp (Night Hike)
2 Skyline Trail
3 Sunset Point (near Inspiration Point)
4 Thunder Mountain (via Baldy Notch)
5 Inspiration Point and Muir Peak (Night Hike)
6 Mt. Baldy (San Antonio)
7 Mt. Islip
8 Sandstone Peak (Santa Monica Mountains)
9 Mt. Charleston (near Las Vegas, NV)
10 Ridgeline Trail to Inspiration Point (Night Hike)
11 Bridge to Nowhere
12 Cucamonga Peak
13 Mt. Islip
14 Mt. Baldy (San Antonio)
15 Hollywood Sign Hard Mode (12+ Miles, lots of hills)
16 San Gorgonio
17 Pine Mountain
18 Havasupai Reservation and Havasu Creek (Backpacking 1 night)
19 Bonnie Cove (Night Hike)
20 Griffith Park (with the L.A. Trail Hikers)
21 Iron Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
22 Deep Creek (and hot springs)
23 Griffith Park (exploring single track trails)
24 Havasupai and Havasu Creek (Backpacking 2 nights)
25 Havasupai Campground to the Grand Canyon
26 Mt. Wilson
27 A bunch of little hikes in Death Valley
28 Cactus to Clouds
29 San Gorgonio

I’ll try and keep this updated as I do them. Follow my page on Facebook if you want to join me on some of these hikes! I hadn’t been tracking the hikes I’ve done previous to putting this page together, so it is very possible I missed one or more.

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