6 Pack of Peaks

By popular demand, Adventures with Luke will be doing the 6 pack of peaks as made popular by The SoCal Hiker.  The order will be slightly different, due to permit availability.

  1. Mt. Wilson – 5,710 feet
  2. Cucamonga Peak – 8,859 feet
  3. Mt. Baldy Loop – 10,068 feet
  4. Mt. San Jacinto – 10,834 feet
  5. Mt. San Bernardino – 10,649 feet
  6. San Gorgonio – 11,503 feet

Normally San Jacinto and San Bernardino peaks would be switched around, but the permitting application for San Bernardino and San Gorgonio is much more complex than for all of the other hikes.

One nice thing with all of these hikes except Wilson is that they are great in the summer time as the trails are high enough where even on a warm day most of the trail will be moderate to warm.

Due to the permit availability concerns on the last 2 hikes of the series, invites for those will be done based on attendance: if you attend all the hikes, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get a spot on the permit. Second priority will be given to people who miss one hike, third priority to those who miss two and so on.

For people looking for a few extra hikes in the mix, we’ll probably make trips to Ontario Peak (8,696 feet), Mount Islip (8,250 feet), and Mount Baden-Powell (9,400 feet).

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