10 Essentials – Navigation

Alone, scared in the failing sunlight, with pine trees so heavy overhead that any moonlight there was going to be tonight would never make it to the ground. Cutting through thick brush, and not a clue which direction the car is, scrambling to find some landmark before the light fails completely.

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Bridge to Nowhere

Hike Date: February 14 2015

Miles: Approx. 10

Hours: Approx 8 (including rests)

Hiking 4 the Homeless had a Valentine’s Day hike I decided to participate in. Basically a bunch of crazies dressed up in pink and brought refreshments and lunch to a nice break place underneath the bridge where we could watch bungee-jumpers and (for the really crazy ones) get in the water.  Continue reading Bridge to Nowhere

Cucamonga Peak

Hike Date: February 15 2015

Miles: Approx 11.4

Hours: Approx. 9 total

A few brave folks met me at the Vons on Baseline Road in Claremont, CA at 6 AM in order to head up to Ice House Canyon to hike to the saddle and then to Cucamonga Peak.  Most of these folks were already sore as we had hiked 10 miles the previous day to Bridge to Nowhere. Continue reading Cucamonga Peak