Havasupai Reservation and Havasu Creek (Round I and II)


Hike Date: March 20-21, 2015 and April 9-11, 2015

Miles: Approx: 30 miles in 2 days for Round 1 and who knows how many for Round 2

Havasupai translates as the people of the Blue-Green Water, a name very fitting due to the amazing color of the Havasu Creek.  The water of the creek has large amounts of travertine which results in the color of the creek, and results in many of the waterfalls that exist along the creek as the travertine basically acts as mortar sticking rocks and logs and everything else together.

This post is going to be a bit long as it covers 5 days of backpacking spread across two trips… also you may be overcome by an intense want to go backpacking after reading this. You’ve been warned.

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Mount Islip

Hike Date: February 22 2015

Miles: Approx 7.5

Hours: Approx. 5 total

A quick trip up Mount Islip in front of a storm system moving in, which made for some great pictures of the clouds as we came towards the summit.  This hike was planned at the absolute last-minute (even more last-minute than last week’s hike).  Unfortunately my phone was acting up again on this hike, so I didn’t get a good GPS track (or very many pictures).
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Cucamonga Peak

Hike Date: February 15 2015

Miles: Approx 11.4

Hours: Approx. 9 total

A few brave folks met me at the Vons on Baseline Road in Claremont, CA at 6 AM in order to head up to Ice House Canyon to hike to the saddle and then to Cucamonga Peak.  Most of these folks were already sore as we had hiked 10 miles the previous day to Bridge to Nowhere. Continue reading Cucamonga Peak